Marksandus colores
mark and us

The image of a company is part of the success of the same and identity signal to the consumer, ensuring the recognition of your company in the market. Consumers are attracted to the brands that represent it as an image of quality and trust, which distinguish them from other products or services on the market.

The official Trademark and Patents agencies in all countries are the ideal means to protect the identity of your company, since, contrary to what is generally understood, the Mercantile Registry is not the body that channels these rights.

The registration of the brand or logo that identifies your company will give you the exclusive right of use to identify the activity of your company.

By registering your assets, you ensure that the time, effort and resources invested in the development, prestige, and commercial or qualitative recognition of a service or product have been worth it. The registration of trademarks and patents gives us the exclusive use of it, empowers us to use this exclusivity in favour of the growth of our project or business and helps us to make consumers recognize this effort through the products and services we offer. in the market. The registration of the trademark or patent avoids committing crimes or infractions to the detriment of third parties, even without knowing it.