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Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes. Its intrinsic purpose is to reach the comprehensive solution of a conflict between the parties (they can be two or more people), thus avoiding going to court. In mediation, the parties are the ones that try themselves to reach an agreement that serve as a solution to the conflict, with the assistance of a third party (mediator) who gives them professional help. The guiding principles that guide and implement mediation are: confidentiality, voluntariness, full communication between the parties, the impartiality of the mediator intervening with the parties and the neutrality of the the matter brought into question.

Modern mediation is configured as a new way of accessing the justice, and mediation services have been established in many countries within the Justice Administration system itself.

Mediation is distinguished from other alternative systems of conflict resolution such as negotiation, conciliation and arbitration. Mediation is characterized by the principle of neutrality and does not replace the leading role of the parties in the elaboration of the agreement.

At Marks & Us, we are registered as official mediators before the Ministry of Justice and before the International Organization of Industrial Property (WIPO), to mediate in the conflicts between clients that may arise in any matter relating to trademarks, patents and industrial designs.
Contact us without obligation and we will inform you of the possibilities of solving your conflict.