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Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

By registering your patent, you will receive in exchange the exclusivity of your invention. You will also be entitled to prohibit others from using your invention. The owner of a patent enjoys sole rights during a period of twenty years.

At MARKS & US,  we offer the following services:

  • Previous investigations to find out if your idea is novel
  • Patentatability reports
  • Summons reports
  • Technical drawings
  • Translations and technical documents
  • Filing patent applications
  • Replying to any office action raised during the course of the application
  • Watching service and maintenance
  • Assessment
  • Filing oppositions against third parties´ applications
  • Patent licences
  • Filing appeals against third parties´s applications
  • Patent portfolio audits

The utility model is an invention of a lower range than patents. By registering a utility model, you will have the right to exploit your invention during a period of ten years from the application date.  The procedure of registering a utility model is shorter and less expensive than the patent. However, not all the countries protect utility models.

The industrial designs  protect the shape of the invention. They need to be renewed every five years, and its protection lasts 25 years. Industrial designs can be protected in all the countries of the European Union by filing an application before EUIPO.

Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs May 15, 2017

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