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Register your brand. It will become your company´s hallmark.

National trademark: We provide you with the registration of your trademark or trade name before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

European trademark: With a single application, you can register your trademark in the 27 countries that make up the European Union.

International or foreign brand: If you are an exporter, you can register your brand with a guarantee in the countries where you want to sell your products, without having to know the languages ​​or the relevant legislation in those countries.

Trade marks and Trade names

Register your brand. It will become your company´s hallmark.

In the era of globalization, brands are a key player in national and international markets.  To reach recognition, your company name and your products must be protected from competitors. Otherwise, they will lose the privileged position that can be acquired with the registration of your mark.

As trademark advisers, we help you to take all the necessary steps to register your national, European or international trademark from the beginning: search for identities or for similarity with other trademarks at a global level, transfers of trademarks, friendly agreements, filing oppositions and appeals, (if any), obtaining a Certificate of Registration, renewal, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we would provide you with an estimate without any obligation. We will detail all the procedures to be carried out before the corresponding Organization, as well as provide you with the rates, fees and expenses to be incurred in the registration of your trademark. No hidden fees will be added to our prices.

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Registro de maracas patentes industriales