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In the era of globalisation, it is a requisite to file applications and doments in the language where those marks or patents are going to be protected. At Marks & Us we are able to provide our clients with translations of patents in the official languages. For example, if you are interested in filing a European patent before EPO (European Patent Office) which is located at Munich, your patent should be translated into English, French or German, which are the official languages. Furthermore, if your patent is going to be extended to, for example, Poland, then a Polish translation would be needed when applying for your patent in that country.

But not only translations are needed when filing patents. A European mark is protected in the 28 countries which compose the European Union. The applications can be filed in any of the official languages of Europe. However, if your mark faces opposition from a third party, the Opponent will choose between English, German, French, Spanish or Italian as the language of the opposition procedure. Therefore, the documents filed in order to defend your mark should be issued in that language.

This is the reason why languages are so important in the field of Industrial Property. And this is the reason why we are ready to work in English, Spanish, German and French. Our employees are bilingüal and able to work in different languages.

Translations May 15, 2017

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